Wanting some to sell yourself?
Retailer, Wholesaler, or Market stall-holder?

Please contact us immediately on 075 831 87! 558. We are probably among the largest open field blueberry growers in the UK.

This is genuinely a premium product, they are ripening apace, and need appreciative consumers!
All our consumers are certainly astonished at how appreciative they find themselves to be on tasting our berries... - and shops that sell them soon have to order more... and more, as word gets round.; -so we have appreciative suppliers too.
We invite you to join in serving up this special berry from a wild, pure location in UK.

Personal supply direct

You want quality organic blueberries and have no accessible supplier? We are keen to reach you. 
Please email us at simon@exmoorblueberries.co.uk.

Our fresh blueberry season is short, usually about 6 weeks. This year harvest started on 3rd August. In past years the season has ended anywhere between 6th September and 10th October.

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Click to see our Facebook page, where we provide regular updates during the season... and do follow us. We give you plantation reports so you can track the progress of the crop towards your next harvest :-)