Pick your Own

We are ARE now open for 2020 season. See FB page for more info.

(re- COVID precautions, hand sanitisers, masks etc are available on site...)

A magic experience...

Little fingers make great pickers
Little fingers make great pickers

Apple and blueberry tart
Apple and blueberry tart

Our biggest variety
Our biggest variety

Little fingers make great pickers
Little fingers make great pickers


Picking your own blueberries is a wonderful experience, and we promise they taste much better straight from the bush! It's a fantastic way to teach children where food really comes from, and they will love exploring the rows of bushes. 

There's nothing like picking your own fruit, high in the fresh air of Exmoor..

On the day...

What to expect on the day..

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What to do:

  • Come along! Give us a call if you're unsure of anything, but we are open 10-6 every day during harvest.

  • Check the weather- If you are picking blueberries to eat fresh, they will last up to three weeks in the fridge, but not if they are wet when picked! If it's been raining a lot, either be prepared to dry them afterwards, or maybe choose another day.

What to bring:

  • Containers- We do provide kilo punnets if needed, but if you have your own boxes, buckets and baskets, bring them along!

  • Suncream/ Raincoat- Depending on the good unpredicable British weather!

  • A sense of Adventure! Our track is very bumpy, so take it slow and enjoy going off the beaten path (If you really don't want to bring your car up, feel free to park by the sheds where there is a sign and either walk half a mile or, if pre-arranged, we will come and collect you!)