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Pick your Own

Now CLOSED for Pick Your Own and Camping! 


"NEW" track!! ...see below

A magic experience...

There's nothing like picking your own fruit, high in the fresh air of Exmoor..

Picking your own blueberries is a wonderful experience, and we promise they taste much better straight from the bush! It's a fantastic way to teach children where food really comes from, and they will love exploring the rows of bushes. 

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On the day...

What to expect on the day..

What to do:

  • Come along! Give us a call if you're unsure of anything, but we are open 10-6 every day during harvest.

  • Check the weather- If you are picking blueberries to eat fresh, they will last up to three weeks in the fridge, but not if they are wet when picked! If it's been raining a lot, either be prepared to dry them afterwards, or maybe choose another day.

What to bring:

  • Containers- We do provide kilo punnets if needed, but if you have your own boxes, buckets and baskets, bring them along!

  • Suncream/ Raincoat- Depending on the good unpredicable British weather!

  • A sense of Adventure! We are remote, but worth the trip, and you can lose yourself in a good way among the thousands of bushes and wild plants. The views are worth it from the higher field points too :-)

Improved access...

Some will be pleased, some will miss the old... :-)
We have done a lot of work to "smoothen" the lane, and laid and rolled a hundred and forty tons of stone to 'pave the way'. (This is the 3rd time in twenty years now, weather is tough on tracks up here, lol).
See photos below of work in progress back in May ... :-)...

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