In a holistic view of organic land husbandry, there is an endless, daily, moment by moment spectrum of life to observe, experience and learn, and the holistic view encompasses both the "outer" world, and the inner "climate" which modifies our perception and actions, impacting the outer world which in turn impacts our inner world... Ultimately all is One (in SO many ways, or just one "no-way" :-).
The host is an experienced educator, and offers courses in, or sessions of, the following:
  • Holistic management introduction/ overview
  • A series of progressive modules on holistic land community management
  • A walk-round talk on the land, including blueberry management approach, soil, and some local wild plant and bird identification
  • Practical session of Pruning blueberries as done here
  • Informal zazen sitting, and discussion about it​ - based around Sensei Shunruyu Suzuki's "Beginner's Mind" take on Zen Buddhism
  • "Principles of Transformation" - the 3 Laws of Performance, the power of Contexts and Paradigms and their potential to effect Breakthrough results
  • An introduction to various "Self" transformational approaches out there which come with the recommendation of considerable testing experience!
If any of the above are of interest to you, please do send an email to our contact address, or phone 075 831 87 558. Individual, or group sessions can be arranged, and pricing will depend on specifics of your desire among the above. We aim to offer evening or day sessions shortly, for locals in the area.